Nations Connect discusses esports and the music industry at NY:LON Connect

Nations Connect recently spoke at NY:LON Connect, a global music industry summit in London, about what the music industry can learn from esports.

We Are Nations CEO Patrick Mahoney and Nations Connect’s COO Andrew Stanley spoke on the conversation topic titled “Move Over Mario,” about the growth of the esports industry and how music is becoming a major part.

Stanley discussed the current landscape of esports, where influential artists like Steve Aoki, Jennifer Lopez, Imagine Dragons, and Drake have stakes in esports.

Mahoney and Stanley each have backgrounds in the music industry and spoke about the potential for an esports tour, similar to what Warped Tour did for the music industry.

“These athletes are going to tour...Kids will pay big money to watch these guys play, and they average more per-head on merchandise than your average musician. Esports is crushing the merch market per head,” said Mahoney.

Stanley went on to point out that esports games have their own curated playlists on streaming services like Spotify.

“If you can get on these curated playlists, then you’re going to make money and you’re going to get global exposure,” said Stanley.

Nations Connect was founded to create esports partnerships with other entertainment sectors, including traditional entertainers, musicians, and artists. The aim is to create meaningful, creative and exciting esports relationships and partnerships.

Nations Connect's founders have an origin in music and entertainment and see great value and a promising opportunity in creating these new partnerships.

Nations Connect is led by Andrew Stanley, President of Three Lions Management, previously of Creative Artists Agency, Hard 8 Management and Neste Event Marketing.