MiBR Shorts

Size: S
Sale price€50.00


This MIBR Shorts is present in the daily life of the players and now available to all fans who cheer and support the MIBR, it was developed with fluffy sweatshirt fabric, with soft touch, composition 50% cotton and 50% polyester that

The high-definition silk screenprint, mibr logoty features the side strips, and the official product label applied on the front of the piece reinforces the originality of the design and production of the part.

As in the game, the versatility is something essential to stand out in the match, so this shorts is a utilitarian piece, because it has front pockets, with tractor zipper, and back pockets, with wire finish, which provides a more stripped-down look to the piece.

It has eyelets and regulatory shoelace, with exclusive details in green and yellow on its tips.

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